Monday, February 4, 2013

Pool Time

Swim and Gym has been interesting lately.  It has been so much more relaxing for me.  Though I sometimes miss it, it is really nice to not have to get into the pool every week.  I also think her swimming is getting much better for my absence.  Though she isn't really progressing during the Swim & Gym time slot, it gives her a chance to play in the water and practice what she learns earlier in the week from her private lesson.  The combo of two swim times a week is making a big difference.


Granny said...

She's getting to be a big girl!

Cathy said...

That’s good for her! ^_^ I think it would be best to just let her have a real fun time when in the water. I’m sure she will keep getting better in her lessons; and next thing you know, she’s the next Rebecca Soni.

Cathy Newman