Sunday, February 3, 2013

Golden Gate Park - Video

We Headed into San Francisco with the intention of Having a play date with Lucian and Avery, but alas nap time got into the way and we ended up at the park.  This is a super fun park in the middle of golden gate Park.  Holly had a lot of fun exploring and climbing around.

At the park is a super steep and super scary Concrete slide that Holly of course wanted to try out.  I didn't feel like doing it myself, but I did let her go down the side slide from half way up.  She had a great time.  Dave was hanging out with us while Tracey was putting the boys down for a nap.  So when the boys were done with there coffee i got Joel to help her out on the slide too so I could get a video.  It was a fun excursion.

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Granny said...

Great video! Slide looks like a lot of fun!