Friday, February 22, 2013

Ballet Recital - Video

These are pictures and video's of Holly's Dance Class Recital.  She was taking Pre-Ballet and Tap Dance last Fall with Mira.  We were so very proud of the girls, they did a great job.  This session they are taking Ballet/Tap a slightly more advanced class, it has been so fun to watch them every week.  Last session it was a winter theme around The Nutcracker.  This spring the class has been different each week so much more create and full of variety, I can;t wait to see what the next recital we be like.  At the dance studio they set up back grounds and bleachers for all of the parents and guests to sit in, it is very cool.  I hope you enjoy the video's.  In my head I was thinking of those iPad/WiFi Commercials where the family face times the recital, maybe next time i will be able to do something like that.
Dance Recital - Tap
Awesome Tap Dance Moves

Dance Recital - Naughty Girls Moves
The girls start off with the Naught Girl Pose, and I think it is like a Jazzy R&B Hip Hop Mix Song and they do some cool Tap and Jazz Tap Moves, with a little naughtiness of there own in the middle.

Dance Recital - Hi Ho
Dressed up like the Seven Dwarves and dancing to the Song Hi Ho, it's off to work we go, the girls do some awesome Tap Dance Moves

Ballet Recital - Warm Ups
The girls go through there warm up and stretching routine

Ballet Recital - Proper Moves
The girls work through the positions and some typical Ballet moves such as the Plie and Arabesque

Ballet Recital - Scarves
The girls dance with scarves and costume to more music from The Nutcracker.

Ballet Recital - Sugar Plums
The girls dress up and dance to the Sugar Plum Fairies song and do a Freeze dance and some awesome Ballet points.

Ballet Recital - Lollipop
A treat after there finale performance.

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