Monday, February 25, 2013

Gilroy Garden's with Chloe and Mira

In November we made a trip down to Gilroy for a long weekend to go to Gilroy Garden's.  We stayed in a nearby hotel with Chloe and her family, and on the first day of our visit Mira and her family came down for the day.  Gilroy is less then 2 hours away but we thought it would be nice to stay the night and gays in a row.  We got a season pass and hope to go again later this year.  it was our first visit.  In addition to the beautiful gardens, there are several amusement park rides. 

The Garlic ride was an inside triple spinner and Holly and the girls loved that, though they made themselves super dizzy.  If I recall it spun on 4 separate levels, super cool.  Holly really liked the Balloon ride, it spun around but raised up super high into the sky.  Baby Dylan really liked the Artichoke ride, which the girls had fun on too, but Dylan liked it because he could watch the swan;s in the water.  The Strawberry ride was a double spinner but the girls were able to do that one with no grown-ups so it was another favorite.  There were several different types of car driving rides that the kids did on there own which they had fun with, and a family train ride.

There were several others; a family boat ride through a garden river, cool weaved and braided tree's and lots of different garden's all around.  The most fun was simply watching Mira, Chloe and Holly play together, having a friend with you, even waiting in line is fun, though the lines were short and we got to ride as many rides we wanted and our favorite more then once.  Since we knew we had a second day we travel through he park with ease, and spent as long as we needed in each area.  At the end of the day we even had time to play on a playground.

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Granny said...

That looks wonderful! Holly should take her Granny there!