Monday, February 11, 2013

Pinkalicious Show

Just before Christmas we went to the Pinkalicious show with all of our friends.  Mommy coordinated tickets for everyone and we had a group of 25 people.  They reserved seats for us.  As the kids arrived we all got lots of group tickets together near the stage.  Holly was not very familiar with the story before seeing the play and I was nervous that she would like it, but as it turns out she loved it and has since become quite obsessed with it.  In the story the main character eats too many Pink Cupcakes and turns Pink as a result.  Holly is now forever pretending to eat Pink Cupcakes or that she is turning pink as a result.  her dolls play this game too.  the cure ends up being the consumption of green vegetables, but the main character doesn't do this until she turns red from eating even more pink cupcakes. 

After the show we got a free poster and we were able to meet the characters and they signed the poster for us.  I also purchased a Pinkalicious book for Holly which she now reads often.  It was a really fun day.  A few of us headed to public market for lunch after the show.  It was lots of fun, especially having all of our friends there together.

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