Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ocean Beach

On Saturday we decided to make a pit stop at Ocean Beach in San Francisco before heading to a friends house.   So when we got there we headed out across the sand in sweat pants and a windbreaker jacket.  By the time we walked to the water she was ready to take both off and was running around in her dress.  She "wrote" her name in the sand and waited to see if the waves would wash it away.  She did similar things several times chasing the waves and had a blast, this is a video of one of the runs.

So eventually her dress got splashed and it came off too.  It by all accounts was freezing, but with all of the running around she wasn't one bit cold.  Then sadly, as her back was turned and a wave from the left was draining the sand from under her feet a new wave came in from the right and she slipped.  Granted the water was only about 8 inches deep and she landed on a knee and her hands but she made a splash and got very wet and very cold very fast.  She started to cry, I of course ran into the water to get her and she said, mommy the wave got me, it pushed me and you rescued me.  Poor thing.  Off came the sandy undies and back on went the cozy pants and warm jacket. 

We had to then proceed in carrying her all the way back up the beach, and if you know how hard it is to walk in sand imaging doing it with a 40lb weight.  Finally about 2/3 of the way back i convinced her to calm down and she was excited to see bird tracks in the sand and finally decided to walk on her own, which in fact meant revolting and making a sand Castle :-)  She played another 15 minutes in the sand but it was time to go, we were all very hungry and ready for lunch.

Now she is a little worried about the waves getting her in Hawaii (We go on vacation in 3 weeks) but I told her the waves are warm and mommy will already be sitting in the wake with her so she will be just fine.

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