Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baystreet with Sara

This was a lovely day.  We don;t get to hang out with our friend Sara very often anymore because she is in school until around 4:00 or 5:00 daily, and by then it is already pretty late, Holly is tired, ect.  So on this day we ended up meeting at the Bookstore I think it was on a Friday, probably around 4:30.  We went first to the bookstore, where the girls read stories and played with the trains, did a little puppet show.  Then we headed over to Old navy, Isabel was looking for a shirt of a specific color for Sara for a school show and I ended up getting several dresses for Holly, on sale of course, as the number of cloths I buy for her, its the only way I can afford it, sadly that means there's hardly a 5$ dress I will leave behind.  And of course in typical Holly fashion before we make it out to the court yard she has changed three times!  She ultimately wanted the dress with the best twirling skirt.  We were lucky that they had live music in the Court Yard.  The girls were thrilled and they danced and played the evening away.  it was so much fun!

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