Monday, August 6, 2012

BBQ @ Aidan & Alley Rose's

This was a BBQ at Alley Rose and Aidan's house on Memorial Day.  Aidan is one of Holly's Classmates and we have over the past several months become better and better friends with them.  There family lives only three blocks away so it is so much fun to just walk over to there house and play.  For the BBQ I brought 25 pieces of corn, it was all BBQ'd up and it was yummy.  There were burgers, a huge Salmon, Chicken Apple Sausage and of course I brought Sorbet too.  Also at the party was Sam and Jalen from Holly's class.  Holly also loves playing with Alley Rose's Best Friend Naomi, she is in Kindergarten this year, and Holly loves following the big girls around!

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