Monday, August 27, 2012


I really love this photo --Something about the dry dry tan brown of the grassy hill in contrast to the harsh dark lush green of the treeline and then there is the deep blue sky-- On this drive there are miles of hills like this, beautiful. We about once every 1-2 months head out to the East, East Bay.  This was on our drive to Dublin where we were going to a Special Screening of Madagascar 3  A mom friend of mine with a special needs son runs the tri-valley special needs group.  We don't go to many of the events since they are so far away, but being the movie obsessed person I am, these screenings are hard to miss.  The show is played without trailers, and at a lower volume.  Also the lights are not dimmed 100%  Although those things are nice, what I like best is that I don;t have to cringe every time Holly talks to me very loudly pointing at the screen telling me something she saw, or worry when she gets antsy and wants to walk up the stairs to the back of the theater and back down again.  She really actually enjoyed the movie and only got antsy for about 10 minutes in the middle.  She liked the circus theme and all the colors in the end, she loved the zebra in the cannon, and the tight rope walking giraffe.  It was a fun day.  Here is the Bart Train outside the window, I'm wondering if we can take the train sometime, not sure how to get from the Station to the theater but it might be fun.  The pictures at the end are actually from the theater at home, we didn't go that day but Holly spotted the giant "poster" so she had to see it up close and make plans for actually going on another day.

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