Friday, August 3, 2012

Easter Basket

This is Holly's Easter basket... I know.. I went a little overboard with it, sad to say I also put it together in about 30 minutes on the morning of Easter.  See we had planned the Egg Hunt but I hadn't planned on the Basket, then talking to my Mom on the phone while Holly was at Music Class I started to feel guilty and put this together.  I had about 3 weeks earlier bought Holly several items from the online Disney store during a huge 50-70% off sale but didn't have a special occasion to give it to her for so it was sitting in the box waiting for her to earn them.  I quickly packed a bunch of things up in various Easter bags and wrapping them and put them together.  She was shocked and thrilled when she got home!  She got so many cool princess things, The nightgowns and the shoes and some doll cloths and some play sets.  It was a fun morning.

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Granny said...

WOW! Holly is one lucky girl! That's bigger than Christmas! She looks so happy. What cute flip flops too!