Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Tanta Kat! Moving Day

It's moving day! About a month ago Tanta Kat packed up and moved out into a new apartment. It is a beautiful place, lots or space, airy and bright and even a pool. On moving day Holly was so eager to help and she did. She carried bags and boxes and anything light enough for her to bring, and when we arrived at the new place she even helped to unload the truck. Holly was really sad to see Tanta Leave, but we have visited and Holly even stayed over the afternoon one day while Kat babysat (pictures for another day) Holly decided she wanted to have a party for Tanta on her birthday. For her Birthday we got her a table and chairs for her new Kitchen, Holly picked out some other things that will be a surprise on Family Dinner night when we celebrate (pictures to follow) Happy Birthday Kat! We love you.

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Granny said...

Oh a pool! Holly is going to want to visit her Tanta EVERY day! Mo AND a pool!