Monday, August 27, 2012


So this is the day we actually went to see Brave.  Joel was working from home and we took him to lunch at Subway before hand.  We tried to twist his arm into coming with us and working late but he couldn't.  I let Holly bring with her three Dollies, her Big Merida and her Barbie Sized Merida and Cinderella (Because Merida needed a friend) We also got Popcorn, well because it was a special treat and snacks help to keep the wiggles down.  What Mommy forgot was Holly's headphones.  The last movie we went to as you just read was a sensory based screening and was not loud at all, but I had no idea how loud the theater actually was until poor Holly was covering her ears telling me so through all of the previews, which were all for scary movies, Para-Norman, Transylvania Hotel, Franken Weenie, animated but scary. I was getting worried that this was not going well, but the moment the movie started everything made a turn for awesomeness, the opening music was beautiful and soft in comparison to the harsh sounds from the previews and the movie starts with "baby Merida" which Holly loved!  In order to not have any surprises we had previously read some books that told us the Merida/Brave story so we knew in advance Merida's Mother would be turned into a bear (something I was told might be scary) Holly was happily enjoying the movie, she loved the scene where Merida "rips" her dress so she could make a great shot when she "fights for her own hand" during the tournament.  When Queen Elinor turns into a bear Holly was expectant and excited, it wasn't until the last maybe 15 minutes of the movie after Merida returns to the castle when the clans find Mother bear inside and chase her.  that was simply too much for Holly, she wanted to go home.  She hid under her blankie and peaked out to watch.  The scene was only about 5-8 minutes she wasn't actually all out crying though unhappy as it was loud and overwhelming but then Merida Jumps out with her sword shouting, "I will not let you hurt my mother" and Holly cheered, and soon after Mor'du was gone and Merida was waiting for her mother to transform and she was happy again and after the movie ended walking out of the theater she was jumping and telling me how much she loved it.  A few weeks later we got this CD with 4 songs for the movie, all of which she has memorized and sings all the time and it reads the "story" to you which she practically has memorized as well since we listen to it so much.  She has asked me several times to go and see the film again, but i told her she needs to wait until they make the DVD and then we can have a movie night with her friends and watch it.  It was a fun day and I love going to the movies with my little girl.

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Granny said...

Wow! Holly is doing great! Great attention span! I loved the movie too! I'll watch the DVD with Holly anytime!