Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sewing Playdate: Cat in the Hat Skirt

So Mai had a half yard of this really cool Cat in the Hat fabric. It was so adorable. Not quite enough for a dress and we wanted to make something for both girls so we cut it in half to make two skirts. The single panel was a little short and didn't leave much seam allowance so I used some pretty matching blue fabric with little flowers on it and attached it to the top of Mimi's skirt just enough to add an elastic waist band. I wanted a longer skirt for Holly so I added on 7 more inches. It was also an easy project and my first with an elastic waist band. It was a simple hem and loop for elastic that we pulled through and closed. On Mimi's skirt I stitched the elastic in place on two spots which kept it from twisting. It was great. So anyways, here are the girls doing there silly poses and hugging. They have such fun playing while Mommies get to be crafty.