Thursday, October 25, 2012

Daddy Dress Project Continues - Chloe

Here are Holly and Chloe posing in there Shirt Dresses.  Holly's has been washed and I noticed one bad thing is that these dresses get super wrinkly.  I added some applique to Holly's from my previous posting but i still think its lacking something, maybe a belt?  In the first two pictures Chloe is trying on her dress.  It was a little too plain so we added some pink ribbon around the sleeves and then the skirt.

In the end pictures Holly is modeling and trying on Chloe's dress.  I cut it and hemmed it up shorter then Holly's and also added a flower to hers too.  I am also thinking it needs some type of belt as well.  I am still working on it.  So far I love the one I made for Mimi the best, it has a dragon printed on the front.  I don't have a picture, Tita Mai!! Send one :-) So I can post it too.

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Granny said...

Those dresses are really adorable!