Saturday, October 20, 2012

Graduation from a Preschool to a Pre-K

 These are pictures from the end of school last year.  There was a graduation celebration to say goodbye to all of our friends who were moving on to Kindergarten.  Holly has one more year of pre-school to go, but that now makes her a pre-K and as such she is in a new class.  It is full inclusion, meaning its a regular class with a regular teacher.  There are now 24 other kids instead of only 16, so there is less individualized attention and one on one.  She is required to be a little more responsible for herself and for her participation.  The class content is also a little more academic.  Though still play based they do a lot more pre-writing and writing, table top activities and pre-reading work.  It is exciting.  But back to this post, the graduation was fun.  They had a rehearsal and practiced what the kids would do.  Each class walked in one by one and the kids entered individually and in pairs and then found there group seats.  the principle spoke awards were giving and each class did a performance.  It was so adorable seeing all the prepared dances and songs from the different class.  It was a fun afternoon.

So here are the Video Clips:

Class Song:

Welcome Song:

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Granny said...

Great video! I love the hopping and "Shoo Fly"!