Thursday, October 18, 2012

Backyard Swimming

On a hot summer day we had a wonderful time swimming with Theo and Throy in the backyard.  We came over for a play date, Holly was excited to play on the drums but it was so so hot the kids begged to play in the water.  It was the one time I didn't have a spare bathing suit in the car so we ended up borrowing one of Theo's old suits.  That of course meant that Holly didn't have a top.  There pool had a cool slide but Throy and Holly were a little too small to go down it without slipping.  Then the kids played fishing.  They were so cute when they got out of the water and wore there robes to dry off and relax.

After we had some lunch and then the kids decided to dress up in costumes.  Adorable.  We had two little Spidermans.  After playing for a bit everyone decided to play restaurant.  Holly and Throy were the customers and Theo took there orders.  It was so cute.  Holly wanted her own notepad to write orders in also.  Later it was Holly's turn to be the waitress.  Then it was superhero's in capes and then jumping Spidermans.  It was a fun fun day.

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Granny said...

Their imaginations are so wonderful! Looks like a very fun day!