Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Knight in Shinning Armor

So Holly saw this costume at Costco and fell in love. She insisted that she wanted to be a knight in shinning armor for Halloween. I asked her, Don;t you want to be Rapunzel, and she said yes but that's for Trick or Treating at Mimi's house I can dress up at school too. So I got it for her. Now of course she says she will wear it for dress-up but she wants to be Tinkerbell at school. Go Figure! it is a nice costume for dress-up though, and I haven;t given up on getting her to wear it out.

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Granny said...

I LOVE that she can be a knight in Shining Armor as well as all those princesses! You go girl!
Wasn't "knight" the mascot for your college, where you and JOel met?