Friday, October 12, 2012

Ballet/Tap Class

So we have signed up for a 4-week trial Ballet/Tap class at kids in Dance in Oakland. These pictures are from week 2. mommies are not allowed in on the dance floor, but we do get to watch the class on a TV in the waiting area. it is such a cute class and the girls love it. They typically start off with Tap Shoes then do some stretches and finish with ballet. This session is all about the nut cracker and in each 45 minute class they usually get to dress up in costumes twice. the first week there were 4 girls total, this week there ended up being maybe 8 but our girls did a great job participating and following along and the class seems super fun. Afterwards we went out for a smoothie down the block. These girls are doing there "naught Girl" poses, as these days it about the only way I can get them to stay still and look into the camera.

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Granny said...

Oh i lOVE the tap shoes!