Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lunch at Ikea

 When you want to see your friends, when you need to feed your kids, when you are too tired to clean your house (both before or after a play date) when your kids have lots of excess energy they need to get out, Come to Ikea, it might be called "The Hell Mouth" by Daddy but for the kids it is a super fun place to run around and play after eating lunch and getting to socialize with there friends.  Each Demo room is a new adventure of make believe, playing tooth fairy while "sleeping" or Doctor, or hiding in a tent, or most recently packing for and going on a vacation the options are endless.  The staff is friendly and actually encourages the kids to play and never complains about any mess made, though we usually get them to clean up, Ikea is a fun easy play date in a pinch when you are just too tired to do anything enriching and want to see some friends.  Did I mention on Tuesday's Kids eat free?

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