Friday, September 13, 2013

Summertime Swimming Fun

Over the summer we had a special Swim and Gym session where everyone could come for free but with the mommies.  It was nice to get into the pool with Holly again on a regular basis and practice her swimming she has been making so much progress.  We were also in the big kid pool, it is a half a foot deeper and she can't stand without jumping and going under so she was nervous.  When she advances to the next level of her lessons she will need to be in this pool so it was nice for her to transition and have a chance to get use to the pool.  I brought the underwater camera so we were able to take a lot of fun shots.  Afterwards we played in kindergym,

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Granny said...

Amazing photos! I LOVE the underwater shots! Holly the mermaid underwater with eyes open and BIG smile!