Friday, September 6, 2013

Gymnastics Class

Here are Holly and Mira at there new Gymnastics class.  We have been in the class about 2 months starting in late July but we had a ton of scheduling changes and make ups due to all of our summer travels, so the girls have been attending with a variety of different teachers on different days.  Now that the school year has started we have settled on a Monday 3:30 class.  The school is very near Alameda, called Bay Island Gymnastics.  We like it a lot, but it is a bit of a trek for me.  It's tricky in this area, in the best of conditions I could easily get to class in about 10-15 minutes but at this time of day it usually takes me 30 minutes to get there are 45 to get home there is so much commuter traffic.  Its worth it for me though as Holly loves taking classes with Mira and it is so nice to see her on a regular basis and both girls really enjoy gymnastics and so far they are doing really well.  My goal is to head over to that area right after school and hang out or go to lunch with Mira before hand so we are not stuck in traffic on both ways.  That makes a big difference.  The teacher on this day was named Darby, he is super strict and a stickler for the rules, the girls actually do really well with him.  On another day they had a female who was super lax and they didn't do as well.  But one teacher we like a lot who we hope they will have regular on Monday's in teacher Will who is about half way between the two extremes.  The girls have been learning cartwheels, hand stands, forward and backward rolls, pull ups And hangs on the bars and walking on the beam.  They have been learning to stick there lands which is super cute, some fancy jumps and patiently waiting and following an obstacle course.  The class is very well designed and one thing I like a lot about this compared to head over heels is that there is only 2 other classes at the same time so it doesn't seem super noisy and overwhelming.  at 3:30 at head over heels there are like 7 classes at once and it is so distracting it is super hard for Holly to engage.

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Granny said...

Just look at Holly's big smile! Wow!