Monday, September 16, 2013

Kiana's Princess Birthday Party - Video

Happy Birthday Kiana, I know several months late, I had misplaced these pictures and video's from the Spring, but it sure is fun to look back at them now.  At a Superfrank Princess Party the girls all arrive and get a chance to dress up in fun princess dresses and then the Princess Host, on this Day Aurora helps the girls do there hair and make-up.  Usually after that there is a story and the girls all get introduced to the party guests.  We eat pizza and have Birthday cake and also do crafts usually in the beginning and then play some games.  On this afternoon it was Musical Chairs.  Holly last year asked for a Superfranks Party, and we had a princess party at home, but she is still asking for one at Superfranks, I think perhaps next year with a new baby in tow we might just do it.  But in the mean time, enjoy the lovely pictures fro Kiana's Birthday and the many video's I took.

Introducing Princess Holly -
Introducing Princess Anna -
Introducing Princess Olivia -
Introducing Princess Citlali -

Princess Silly Face -
While trying to get a photo the girls all do Silly faces at Kiana's Birthday party

Singing Happy Birthday to Kiana -

Musical Chairs -
The girls all play Musical Chairs at Kiana's Birthday Party

Musical Chairs Round 2 -
This time Olivia gets knocked out

Musical Chairs Round 3 -
Holly makes it yet another few rounds!  Go Girl!

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Granny said...

These birthdays are so amazing and elaborate! What a fantasy come true! I love the video introducing Princess Holly!