Wednesday, September 11, 2013

West Sunset Playground in SF with Lucian

Here we are hanging out with Lucian at a cool park in San Francisco near there house.  Holly had a lot of fun running around and playing, though at a huge park we didn't really get a chance to get them to play together or even chat that much as we were both chasing around our kids.  There were some cool climbers, but Holly's favorite was a climber, spider built on top of a merry go round.  She went on it a ton of times, sometimes she wanted to spin it, other times ride and climb.  Her favorite, but an obstacle of fear to overcome was spinning up high at the top.  I think the rotation was less closer to the center, so she was less dizzy there, but it was still an amazing accomplishment.  Afterwards we headed over to the mall for some lunch.  It was a fun afternoon.

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