Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Habitot with Sara and Chloe

These are pictures from a playdate earlier this summer at Habitot.  It was the last time we visited, before the recent post.  We are playing with Chloe and Sara.  It was fun watching the girls play together, while Habitot is no longer someplace I can take Holly weekly like when she was three, if we go every 6-8 weeks she is still excited and has fun there.

A lot of the same stuff as usual, Water Play, Dress-up, Art, Face Painting, and Imaginative play in the Grocery Store.  it is cute seeing Dylan begin to interact and play too as he gets older.  With a second one on the way, it will be a long time before we stop coming here, I am glad at least for now Holly isn't bored when we come and play.

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Granny said...

What is that gooey blue stuff??? Holly is clearly having fun!