Friday, September 20, 2013

Chalk Festival - Video

Near the end of the summer we heard about the Berkeley Chalk Festival.  I was able to gently twist Joel's arm and talk him into checking it out.  We were not sure what to expect but knew there would be lots of fun things to do.  It ended up being way more spread out then I would have liked covering several blocks along Shattuck in Berkeley near the gourmet ghetto.  The street wasn't closed but the shops and restaurants had little tables out front and had different promotions going on and there were chalk drawings on all of the sidewalks as part of a competition.  There was a map of which businesses were included.   was a empty lot where they set up a kids play area and a parking lot that was closed off for a cool car used for chalk drawing.  We had a super fun time, but we were quick, we hit the highlights, didn't linger, and since it was hot we headed to a fun place for some ice cream.

Holly was super cute when we went to see the clown to make balloon animals she was super amused and laughed at all his silly jokes.  We also went and had her face painted and rode the pony rides.  There was supposed to be a bounce house but it didn't show.  The chalk car was cool.  At the ice cream place we went to later on Holly made a friend with another little girl there having a treat and then she commandeered the camera and took a bunch of pictures, so the last few on here are ones she took.

Pony Ride-
Holly rides around and around on a Pony at the Berkeley Chalk Festival

Balloon Animals and Clown -
Holly is very amused by the clown who is making her a balloon Flower

Chalk Car -
After drawing on it Holly cleans the Chalk Car, it is a super Hot day and you can literally see the water evaporate just after she washes the car in mere seconds.

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