Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Mira - 6/4 - Video

 Mira had her 5th Birthday Party at Bay Island Gymnastics Studio.  The kids had such a blast.  There were a few coach lead activities, a fun swing, and a line up to jump into the phone pit, though most of the kids needed a hand from Tall Uncle Eric to help them jump in.  After playtime we all headed upstairs to the birthday room to enjoy some yummy cake.  It was a fun friend filled day, below are several video's and lots of pictures!

Swinging -
Holly Swings at Mira's Birthday Party

Mira Jumps into Foam Pit -
Nervous and a little scared the first time, Brave Mira jumps into the Foam Pit

Alana Jumps into Foam Pit -
As Mira waits her turn she watches Alana take a big jump into the Foam Pit

Jumping Everywhere -
Holly in the background jumps twice into the Foam Pit from the Trampoline, and crawls across the pit and Chloe Jumps in with Daddy's help from the Vault.

Holly Changes Her Mind -
Its a little too high for Holly and she decides not to jump in from the vault

Picture Time -
Holly amuses herself as we try and wrangle all the kids for a group picture during Mira's Birthday Party at Bay Island Gymnastics

Singing Happy Birthday to Mira -
Everyone sing to Mira and she blows her Candles out.

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