Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tide Pools in Half Moon Bay - Video

Here we are at Half Moon Bay
We headed over this summer with Mira
To see and play in the tide pools
It was pretty rocky and had big waves
But in the shallows there was water to wade in with little creatures
Here in the distance are sea lions
Holly insisted there were mermaids out on the rocks too
But we couldn't see them well because they are magic
We used our water shoes so Holly could walk around in the rocks
With her bucket she collected shells and stones
She had lots of fun playing in the sand
It was a lovely relaxing day
Holly didn't want to get too close to the waves
But she liked the water and the sand
We had lots of yummy snacks
and Daddy tried to sneak in a nap
It was a sunny day though, Holly covered him in a towel
Then decided to get in on the action herself
They took turns with silly hats and pretending to be asleep
They are so goofy
Here are Daddy and Holly exploring
They took a walk down the beach
and we discovered these really cool rocks
When you crack them together they simply broke apart
Here is a video:
Holly loved that she could break them apart
She kept looking for the big ones
and some had these weird perfectly shaped holes through them
Its amazing what nature can do with time, sun, and surf
Here is Holly taking another walk with Mia and Mira
Mira was way more into the creatures then holy, crabs, snails, ect.
It was really pretty
the water was super cold
And it was very breezy on the coast
As you can see, bathing suits with knit sweaters and winter hats
Here the girls are making all there silly poses
afterwards we decided to head into town
There was a little marina like place with a few restaurants
We found one and had a late lunch
The girls had a blast of course
Coloring and eating
and playing some more
I think these are some type of fish tacos
there was a little pier outside
before heading out the girls walked down to the end with the daddies
It was hotter hear, less of a breeze
and getting to be the sunniest part of the day
The girls didn't want to say goodbye
but we were all super tired from our long day
It was a lot of fun, a trip we had been talking about for months and months
But we had to wait for the tide to match the time of day we wanted to go and had free time
So on this day, the stars aligned and we had a fabulous outing.
We took highway 1 back up the coast and drove through this new tunnel.  It was a great day.

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