Monday, August 12, 2013

An Afternoon with Mira

 There is nothing like a super fun afternoon with the best of friends.  Starting off with some Chocolate Ice Cream is always super delicious.  Then the girls headed over to Joaquin Miller Park.  They had a super fun time, there is this giant emptied pond where they can watch tadpoles.  They had fun exploring.  There were this giant steps with a fountain on top, Mai took the girls up top to look around.  Afterwards they were exploring in the woods, there was this old house they found and made up a story about how a witch lived there.  Later they discovered a wooden fort and played with it too.  They had so much fun in the forest playing with nature and just making up stories.  On our way out we stopped in the playground to get in a quick slide.  Our afternoon play date was pre-Ballet class, which of course the girls had a blast in, but alas afterwards it was time to say goodbye until another day.

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Granny said...

Owww what a scarey witch's house!!! I love the hug goodbye!