Friday, August 2, 2013

Eli's Birthday Party 4/13

Happy Birthday Eli!  We are here celebrating at Temescal Park, It was our first time there, we arrived from the back entrance off of Broadway Terrace, Vs. The other side of the lake near the Tunnel.  We brought Holly's Bike, and she had a blast riding around with Leelou.  But first the found a Soccer ball and kicked it around with the kids for a bit.  Later they took a walk with Joel over to the lake and the boat ramp.  She was having a blast playing with Leelou, whom we don;t see as often as we would like because she is in school full time, though recently we have seen her more since its summer and that has been a blast.  Also in attendance was Gabe, and of course the Birthday Boy Eli.  The kids had fun blowing out cupcake candles and even spent some time climbing trees.  It is a very nice park and a super fun day.

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Granny said...

Looks like a beautiful day! I love the ducks and the climbing rock. What a nice park.