Monday, August 5, 2013

Naughty Smurfs

On Friday Mira joined Holly and I for a girls movie date to see Smurfs 2.  I was worried because we read a lot if scary bad reviews about the movie, but they were wrong!  No it wasn't the best kids movie in the world, but it was funny, had a sweet story and message and completely entertaining.... No animal cruelty just cute slap stick comedy.  The girls did play the naughty smurf game later but the naughty smurfs weren't even  that bad.

Afterwards we went for some lunch, played outside in the courtyard and
Hung out at the bookstore.  Later I took the girls to ice skating where Mira's mom joined us.  Holly loved having Mira in the car with her and Mira says she likes driving with us because my car has stories :-)

It was a fun Friday afternoon

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