Friday, August 30, 2013

End of summer party

Here we are over at Chloe's house for a mini morning potluck party the Friday before she started kindergarten.  It was certainly the end of an era and hopefully the start of a new chapter that allows us all to stay close even if the time we get to spend and play together is less.  With everyone at different schools and on different schedules and making new friends in kindergarten it will be much harder to see each other.  Even now some of our friends we only see every few weeks, or in some cases every few months.  Holly loves her friends, she misses them and she asks about them constantly.  And we have all know each other at lease 3.5 years longer in many cases so I don;t doubt we will be able to stay in touch, but I think things will change over time.  It was so fun to ring out the summer with our friends and a wonderful meal together.  Now its time to juggle new commitments and do our best to get together with our old friends, its always a balancing act, but I have faith in the friendships we have formed.

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