Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ice Cream Sandwich

Relaxing day today!  Holly had music class at 3:30 and then afterwards we went to Barnys for an early dinner.  I was good and basically had just turkey burger and cheese, my blood sugar was low and it was early so we decided to go out for ice cream.

We wanted to try some place new so headed to "Cream: Cookies Rule Everything Around Me" it was on telegraph ave and little did we know they were having a street market fair today.  We decided to venture out anyway.  

The line was out the door and around the block, but Joel didn't mind waiting (30 minutes) while Holly and I shopped around. She loved looking at the jewlery, necklaces, rings, clothing, artwork, ect at all the booths.  She even got a pair if earrings.

Back just in time to order, the thing about cream is they make custom ice cream sandwiches and they are only 2$. So I had double chocolate chip cookies with coffee blast ice cream.  Joel tried Snickerdoodle cookie with Pistacio ice cream!  So delicious!! There were maybe 8 cookie choices not including vegan options about about 15 ice cream flavors. 

Holly just wanted ultimate chocolate scoop!  It was a fun adventure.  On the way vs k to the car we saw these cool chalk drawings.

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Granny said...

Please TAKE ME TO CREAM!!!! Sounds fantastic, and SO economical!