Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Trip to San Francisco with Mira

Here we are at Fruitvale Station
Meeting Mira on our way to San Francisco
One of the good things about this station is it is outdoors
The train entrance is on the upper deck and it is not so loud in the outdoors
Unlike the Ashby Bart station which is underground and much louder
Even so, Holly still needs to have her head phones with her for the ride
She is however very excited to be on the bart
and proud of herself for being so brave.
Once in San Francisco we had a few blocks to walk
The kids had a great time exploring the city
Running through the grass and having a blast
We arrived here at the California Creativity Museum
It was our first time and we were excited to explore the new place
Here we are coloring
It is a nice open space with lots of fun activities
The girls decided to do a puppet show
and were ready to get dressed up
This is an interesting green screen slide
Upstairs are the coolest craft activities
They are given a mystery box and an assignment and create the craft
They also had this really cool Karaoke Set-Up
Holly sang Part of your world.
The craft room was fun, there were questions like
What is your dream Playground, or How would you trap a Dinosaur
and from only the items in there mystery box they use tape and scissors to put something together
Here is one of the creations
Later we headed back downstairs
There was a cool Floam station set-up
The girls used it to run a shop making cakes from it
Near by they made cut out's that were the various pieces of a creature
Body, Legs, arms, they could be put together with brads
Holly needed help with the cutting and the hole punch but made some neat creatures
Here they are back at the Floam station making cookies
Mai and I were the customers
Here in the play area Holly is building with the magnetic blocks
This is another recording area where the kids dance and see themselves of the screen
The image gets warped and
Before heading out a quick book, and there were still parts to explore for another visit
Outside was a big park and garden
Also a big carousel
Which was our first stop after the museum
Our big girls waited in line and and bough tickets all by themselves
Up on the horses and ready to go around and around.
Here is Mira on her horse
We got a discount with our Museum stamp
and the ticket was worth two rides
The Carousel went fast and the kids had a blast
Here we are in the playground
a fun urban slide
The girls decided that they wanted to climb and slide on the hill instead
So silly
They were more like inch worms crawling down
Someone left out some hula-hoops
This was one of two main play structures
but again, instead of taking the standard steps our girls decided to climb up the wall
and crawl around the edges
But the most "Dangerous" area was here.... Sand and Water
Oh what a mess we make when we have access to water
Of course there favorite thing
I think they found little plastic cups and spoons
and were making sand experiments
This was a little "river" and since there feet were covered in sand they decided to rinse them off here
Of course that ended up with wet pants
It I wasn't careful it would have been wet everything.
Afterwards we decided to head over to the food court at westfield mall
Everyone was hungry and the girls were ready to go
We all ate some yummy food
did a little bit of shopping around
and headed back home on the bart
It was a super fun day
The girls liked to look out the windows even though it was dark
I think I forgot to mention we met up with Daddy at Dinnertime
Off we went back home!  It was a great day.

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