Monday, April 1, 2013

Pixieland - Video

Holly, Chloe, Mira, Kaylee, and Azelle all met for a fun afternoon at Pixieland.  The girls had a blast riding rides to their hearts content with an unlimited wrist band.  The Cars, Train, Tea Cups, Carousel, and Airplane were a few of the favorites.  We still haven;t got them on the Roller Coaster, and only Kaylee and Azelle will ride the Frog Hopper.  It is a ton of fun and a nice chance to get out to the Walnut Creek area.

This is a Video of the girls on the Tea Cup, Don't let it get you dizzy!

Tea Cups

Holly and her friends, Mira, Chloe, and Kaylee, ride the Tea Cups at Pixieland

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Granny said...

That looks so fun! And the exhausted-in-the-carseat final shot says it all! What a fun time!