Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disney on Ice - Video

Here we are on our way to Disney on Ice.  We stopped by at Chloe's house for lunch before heading together to the show.  It is always a fun time playing over there, and Holly loved the idea of driving together in one car, plus we save money on parking.

Blow are pictures from the show, and video's.  The girls love the performance.  Afterwards we went to dinner and we stopped in for a few minutes before heading home.  it was a super fun day.

Here are several video's from the Disney on Ice show.

Disney on Ice - Princess and the Frog

Disney on Ice - Princess and the Frog - Finale

It opened with the Princess and the Frog.  This was a lively segment even though the movie is not one of Holly's favorite, for a few minutes on ice seeing the frogs and alligators skating around was super fun.

Disney on Ice - Cinderella - Step Sisters

Disney on Ice - Cinderellie's Mice Sing

Disney on Ice - Cinderella - Dress Rip

Disney on Ice - Fairy Godmother

Disney on Ice - Fairy Godmother and Carriage

Disney on Ice - Cinderella - Royal Ball

Holly loves Cinderella.  She was so excited to see the step sisters.  It was also wonderful to see the Mice, Gus Gus her favorite of course.  The song where the mice make Cinderella's dress, is one of my favorite.  We have the Fairy godmother, and one of Holly's favorite scenes, just before when the step sister's rip Cinderella's dress.  Finally the royal ball.  There was an intermission during the middle of the Cinderella set.  The carriage on stage was awesome.

Disney on Ice - Mother Knows Best

Disney on Ice - Rapunzel Flying

Disney on Ice - Rapunzel and the Ugly Duckling Bar

Disney on Ice - Rapunzel and Flynn Chase

Disney on Ice - Rapunzel and Flynn - Golden Hair

Disney on Ice - Rapunzel and Flynn

The last section was Rapunzel.  It was amazing to have Rapunzel flying with her golden hair, they played all of our favorite songs.  Holly was thrilled to see Mother Gothel singing Mother Knows Best.  It was very amusing to see all of the criminals in the Tavern.  But the romantic lantern scene was by far the most beautiful.  It was a great show.

Disney on Ice - Princess Parade

As a big surprise at the end, there was a princess parade, where each princess and prince came out dressed in there best wedding gear, while they didn't all get there own set it was nice to glimpse everyone.

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Granny said...

FUN! Your photos make me feel like I was there!