Friday, April 5, 2013

Lucy's 5th Birthday Party - Video

Lucy celebrated her 5th Birthday Party at a really cool new place we have never been to before in San Francisco called Acrosports.  Similar to gyms like Head Over Heels there were quite a few new play items. We have a video of the girls in a bouncy boat.  For older kids they can wear a harness and use this same set up for high bounces and flips.  there is also the Amazing Zipline.  I was shocked to see Lucie riding it all the way from the top of a second story bleachers, at least 40 feet high to ride diagonal down to the ground.  it was amazing.  Holly climbed up, watched her friends and other kids ride down and even began to put on the harness, but then she changed her mind.  But I told her that's ok!  There were trampolines and trapeze as well.  Later we had yummy snacks and Birthday cake.

Lucie's Birthday

Here is Holly and Lucie bouncing around in a fun ride at Lucie's Birthday Party

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Granny said...

OMG! I wouldn't want to zipline either! That looked really high!!!! Holly looks like a natural on the trapeze!