Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Swim Lesson

It is nice to have a weekly routine.  This week I will take you through ours.

Every Monday we have Holly's Private swim lesson with teacher Jeremy   She loves it and is doing such a good job.  He is also helping her to stretch out it is like PT in Water, and her School PT even notices the difference.  She recently started using goggles which help her stay underwater longer and actually get a few strokes in and swim a few feet.  It is pricey, but she loves the water and I feel teaching her to swim is worth the investment.  She learns so much more in the private lesson, she has made a lot of progress.

After swimming we head over to Tyler's house for a playdate with his Easter Seals therapist Emily who facilitates games and fun playtime.

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Granny said...

If you think of it as PT rather than swimming, it's a bargain!!!