Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fast and Straight - Video

 This might been one of the only rare times Holly had the chance to play with Mira and Kaylee at Superfranks.  She had a super fun time.  They started off it taught town and Holly even dressed up in Fireman Overalls.  In the Safari room they had a blast on the giant bounce slide.  But I think her all time favorite part of the day was the Zipline.  She went super fast.  I have three video's below.

Spinning Zipline @Superfranks

Fast and Straight

More Zipline

After the Zipline, Holly's second favorite thing was playing in the arcade, because I have never really let her do it before.  I mean we have been in the room before, and even let her play skee ball when I saw extra balls, but it was the very first time I bought tokens and she collected tickets.  It was so cute.  We played a load of games and she earned about 15 tickets, a little fish and a bracelet her prizes.

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