Monday, April 8, 2013

Holly and Mira's First Sleepover

Holly had her first sleepover with Mira a few weeks back.  It was Valentine's Day and her Mommy and Daddy had a night out.  We were more then happy to have her spend the evening with us.  The girls had such a blast!  They played of course!  But then they decided to form a Band.  Mira was Hilarious, they named the Band and then we were informed that the Band had limited tour dates and would only be in town a few days.  They played various instruments, each a different show, I have some video's.  When we applauded and said Bravo, they took bows.  Joel had the silly idea of tossing Flowers onto the stage, which they loved and of course insisted upon each performance afterwards.  hen of course there were the repeated Encores, which we loved.

Sleepover Singing Performance
Mira spends the night at Holly's very first sleepover.  Here the girls are doing a performance for me.

Music Show with Mira
Holly and Mira perform a Music show for me during their first sleepover.

The girls tell me there band won;t be doing a show again tomorrow.

Finale Performance
Holly and Mira complete there final performance.  Drums, and Clinkers in tow.

Later they played with the soft dollies, and they invented a game called pregnancy where they each had a soft dolly in their belly and it was born and then they named their babies.  They repeated this several times, baby Pascale, Baby Cinderella, Ect. Ect.    Later we had dinner, yummy pasta, Mimi such a good eater had a bunch of peas too.  Some more playing and then it was Bed Time.  Not before a little down time with the iPads.  And of course then they got all riled up again jumping on the bed.  But in no time at all they were fast asleep.  Mira woke up a few times, I think she was having growing pains, but it wasn't an issue at all.  Joel ended up sleeping downstairs in the guest room and when it was time for me to go to bed I joined the girls.

Holly;s first sleepover was an awesome success!!


Granny said...

What a sweet night they had! I love the Band!

MsGrnEyz said...

I'm not sure if that is a mini guitar or a ukelele but now I want one even more. That looks so fun! What a blast they had :)