Sunday, January 6, 2013

Steam Trains

This was an awesome day with Holly and Mira.  it started up in the woods of Tilden Park at the Steam Trains.  Holly and Mira had such a wonderful time riding the train, the views in the woods are beautiful and it was a lovely day.  Afterwards we headed out to a meadow in the area to have a picnic lunch.  While we were playing we got swarmed by these really aggressive Wasp's.  They didn't just buzz around but literately try and take our food.  We ended up abandoning our table and leaving a piece of chicken for them so we wouldn't be followed.  by the time we left there were like 15 of them.  We headed down from the hill into Berkeley and went to ICI Ice cream.  It is a specialty shop with exotic flavors.  Though they did have a chocolate flavor that Holly liked.  After eating our yummy ice cream we strolled down College avenue and stopped to play in some of the toy stores near by.  The girls had a fun day.

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