Sunday, January 20, 2013

LeeLou's Birthday Party - Video

Learning to Dance Like a Queen

Queen and Dragon Dance

Hoop and Scarves Dance

Happy Birthday LeeLou!  We are celebrating at Kids in Dance and it was such a fun party.  Starting with a little bit of Gym time, swinging on the trapeze, and jumping about the kids have so much fun.

Then they went into the Ballet room.  They did some stretching and dancing and then they were able to do some theatrical dance and music performances.  The teacher demonstrated some moves and the kids got into costume.  Only Chloe and Holly wanted to be the Queen/Princess characters, so the rest of the kids were the Dragons.  They did there little show it was so adorable.

Finally we all went up to the party room where we had yummy snacks and cake.  We had some time at the end to play with the Pinata and then the kids all played on the back play structure for a few final minutes together.  It was a fun party!

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Granny said...

What an activity filled party! Holly and Chloe are very regal as queens! Thanks for sharing these fun pictures and video!