Monday, January 21, 2013

Disney on Ice - 100 Year's of Magic

Here we are with Snow White and Aurora at the Disney on Ice show.  We arrived super early in anticipation of any possible problems, crowds, delays, traffic, or lines as the last time we nearly missed it.  Alas we ended up being like 40 minutes early and had lots of settling in and waiting to do.  It did allow the girls a chance to go down to the ice and check it out.  Last year there was a pre-show, but this year there was not  Holly last year got a spinning wand that broke which I told her I would replace.  So we did that first off which kept her entertained and happy.  This was also the first time Daddy attended with us, and she was super excited about that.  The show was really good and though the same theme, it was different from the last one.  they broadened the scope and did a whole It's a Small World set, which Holly was NOT happy about, but she didn't freak out like she did on the ride.  They also pulled Pinocchio out of the cupboards, but she was familiar with his story so enjoyed it.  She is not the biggest fan of Lion King, though it is one of my favorites so I really enjoyed that.  There were also no fairies which we were sad about, but there was a huge Snow White segment.  They also did a Parade segment. and Finding Nemo.  It was a super fun show.  We usually go once a year, this one was in November.  But alas, they then announced Dare to Dream was coming in March and that is Tiana, Rapunzel, and Cinderella - Princess Centric Show.  So of course we have tickets and are set to go back for the new show the week before Holly's Birthday.  Disney on Ice has become a fun Mannon/Davis Family tradition.  We even car pooled to the show (Yes Eric, Kathy, and Dylan all int he Back/Back seat so save on and get up front Parking and went out all together for dinner afterwards.  Too Much Fun!

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