Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Advances in Technology

Holly is so cute, and it is funny how kids totally copy there parent's.  The other day she was sitting at the table on Joel's laptop typing away.  I was trying to get her attention and she said, "Mommy don't bother me now I am busy doing my work!"  While all of her work was not as cool as this, when I asked her to type in her Alphabet she did.  She had fun finding all the letters on the keyboard but was really confused as to why they were not in order.

Doing Work

I don't have a picture sadly for this next video, so you will have to watch it.  It is simply to show how far we have come with technology.  Holly is typing this time on an actual typewriter!  Yes one with a ribbon and keys and paper.  She didn't like it as she couldn't see what she was typing and had to press hard to get it to actually write anything.  In addition she typed too fast and the keys kept getting stuck together.  So cute.


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