Thursday, January 3, 2013


Here is Holly at her Dentist.  I was so proud of her she did such a good job.  She got through the cleaning and flossing and the counting and checking.  But then they did the polish.  I wasn't sure if it was the taste or if it was the way the tool swirled around each tooth but she flipped.  She couldn't handle it, she tried to be brave and she tried not to cry but she couldn't.  So they stopped the polishing and called in the Dentist to do the rest of the exam.  Next time I really have to have him come in first before she gets so upset and crying.  He was able to look at all the teach and check them and scrape them a little bit.  She had a little plaque behind her front teeth, as behind those teeth is a stop I forget to brush and also her front teeth are really crowded.  She came back with a clean bill of health, no cavities.  Though they didn't get to do as much of the deep cleaning as I had hoped because by then she was super done.  But she still did fabulous.  Waiting in the car for her from the Tooth Fairy was Periwinkle, the newest Fairy from the Winter Woods, Tinkerbell's sister.  She was so happy that the tears nearly dried up in minutes.  She new the Tooth Fairy was bringing her something which gave her the motivation to try so hard to keep it together, but the gift was so much better then she was expecting and just what she had been asking for.  Here's to reflecting and thinking of what we can do to make things even smoother next time.

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Granny said...

Great job! I don't get the tooth fairy, but I always go out for ice cream after the dentist!