Monday, January 14, 2013

Ocean Beach - Video

One day when we spent an afternoon with Dave, Tracey, Lucian and Avery in San Francisco we took Holly to Ocean Beach.  It was of course "Cold" and Windy near the ocean, and I of course only intended to "look"
at the waves, but after much energy was expended walking down to the water it didn't seem quite as cold as it one was and after a while the looking became playing with, which turned into being splashed by.  Holly loved the Waves and before long her pants were off, then her wet dress was off and she was having a blast.  The water was still cold, but for the most part only her feet were getting wet.  Then suddenly she was crashed into by a wave "It got her" as she said, and the shock of the cold (from falling over onto her butt in 1 ft. water, she had an out burst of tears.  I of course ran to her and picked her right up, for which she said, "Mommy you rescued me"  and alas my poor child was traumatized.  She decided she didn't want to go to Hawaii anymore, as the waves might get her.  Eventually I convinced her they would be warm and they would not knock her down, but while in Hawaii she was still pretty anxious about them.  Sadly my plan to expose her to the waves early totally backfired, as otherwise once in Hawaii she may have loved running into the crashing waves, at least with me holding her.  She did play in sheltered beaches and tide pools, and of course the trip was still amazing, but there was anxiety to deal with.  Oh Well.  Don;t think it will stop me from bringing her back to Ocean Beach again, maybe however on a day that is much warmer and sunnier.  Time heals all wounds - right?

This is a link to a video of her splashing around before the big wave hit.

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Granny said...

She looks like she is having a WONDERFUL time! Holly might enjoy Florida waves too....