Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Time Ice Skating - Video

Here are Holly and Sara getting ready for there first ever Ice Skating Class.  We weren't sure that either of them would actually want to Ice Skate, or be able to even stand up in Ice Skates, a year Back I took holly and she could not walk in skates at all and never wanted to come back.  This year I came prepared with warm cloths so we could watch but after five minutes the girls wanted to try on skates.  Holding hands for just a minute and then she was walking around on the rubber floor like a champ.  So we decided to let them try it out on the ice.

They both fell a lot.  Holly did so great I was so proud of her and she even had a natural way to figure out how to get back up when she fell the proper way.  When she fell, she didn't get up set and she kept trying.  There was only a group of three in the class and the other girl already knew how to skate since it was towards then end of the session.  We discovered also that she was a student in another class at Holly's pre-school and knew her.  So the teacher was able to focus on Sara and Holly holding each of there hands and giving them direction. 

Unfortunately after about 15 minutes Sara had enough of the falling and wanted to get off the ice and go home.  Isabel decided to let her.  I was worried Holly would give up too, but instead she told me, "Mommy, I have to keep practicing" she didn't want to leave and she wanted to keep trying.  I was so proud of her.

Even though the "class" was an hour, the "lesson" was only 30 minutes.  The final 30 minutes was for practicing.  But since Holly could not do anything without holding on they decided to get her some buckets.  She could use these for practicing and pushing them around and learning the steps.  She did so great.  After the hour she didn't want to get off the ice at all and then begged me to come back next week. 

I think she was actually a little sore both her feet and from falling but the next day she talked about practice, and trying again, and learning, and she had so much determination.  She told me how you can't give up or you will not get better.  So of course I signed her up for skating!

Here is a video from her first class:

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Granny said...

Determination pays off! WOW! Good for Holly (and Vicki!). I love ice skating!