Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Swim Lessons

This summer I signed Holly up for an intensive swim class.  Each session was only 30 minutes and it was one teacher with 3-4 kids but it was every day of the week.  We ended up doing it for 4 weeks.  it was amazing in the end the progress she made.  Theo and Throy were also taking swim classes though different class at the same time, also a friend Milo took two weeks of class, and then Olivia and Kiana also signed up for classes.  This meant that almost every day after class we played together and Holly was used to seeing her friends every day.  Now that it is fall and school started back up she hasn't seen these friends and keeps asking to go to there house.  She misses her swimming class too.  it was a fun summer, but get ready for a ton of pool and forest pictures over the next month.

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Granny said...

Summer at the pool! The joys of childhood!