Friday, September 21, 2012

Random Picture Post

 Every once in a while I take a few pictures that are not part of an event and I stick them in a folder called "At Home"
These are pictures from that folder from over the last several months.  Here Holly rides her bike around the neighborhood.
 Here is Holly playing with her princesses for the first time.
Here we are making some yummy cheesy croissants
Ahh a Bath Tube Pictures, as they get older I know its less appropriate to post so this one was strategically taken with bubbles as to allow it.
 Yikes a scary noise on the back porch and just like those stupid people in horror movies we sneak out of bed to go and see what the noise is....
 But its just a possum in the recycling... So Cute.
 So these pictures are from the Eclipse.. Do you see how cool those shadows are?
 This is from special paper contraption thing Joel made to allow you to view it.
 Since you can't look at it directly.
 I just love how the shadows look so neat and crescent shaped.
 So these are pictures of Holly's very first dentist appointment
 The sunglasses were to protect her eyes from the bright lights and the mirror so she can see whats going on.
 She had to get an x-ray and she was so brave
 Here we are shopping with friends at target
 Tanta Kat helping Holly build her Merida Castle
 The Pink Cup Cake Truck
 Holly playing with her Merida Castle
This is Holly's Bow and Arrow, it took weeks but she is actually a pretty good shot now.  Its cool.
These were left over pictures from Easter.  I loved these marbleized eggs we made and I realized I never posted the pictures because they were hiding in my random folder

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Granny said...

Very wonderful random assortment of Holly's wonderful life!