Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Mira! 6/4/12

 We celebrated Mira's 4th Birthday at Sulfur Creek Nature Center
 It was our first time there
 When we arrived there were some games out for the kids to play
 Holly likes Mini Golf a lot.
 They also had a ranger who was doing fun face painting
 Holly was a big fan of this and got three done
 She wanted a Rainbow and a Flower on her face
 There was a ton of snacks and food for everyone to eat
 Lots of fruit and yummies all the ingredients for sandwiches too
 Once everyone had arrived it was time for an animal presentation
 All of the kids gathered inside the center
 And the Mommies too
 The first animal is a cute and cuddly bunny rabbit
 Everyone who wanted to got a chance to pet the bunny
 She also hopped around the room
 Next we got to see a chicken
 To make sure the chicken didn't run off she had to stay inside a little pen
 Next we talked about turtles and Mira got to try on a real shell
 It was so big, she makes a cute turtle
 Then we all went outside to see a real turtle
 The kids got to touch his shell
 It was a lot of fun.  Mira picked which animals we all learned about
 When we were inside we got to feed the chicken little worms
 So when we were outside the kids wanted to feed the turtle too
 Mira was the first to decide to give the turtle a Dandylion
 and he really liked it so of course everyone wanted to give him one too
 At this point we have some free time to play more and eat more
 The kids are enjoying being out in nature
 Climbing all over the place
 And showing off to each other, dancing and doing a show
 mommy and daddy take an opportunity to eat too
 Then its time to think about the cake
 There is a toy story theme going on
 so there are characters to be placed on the cake
 Of course each little one had an opinion on where they should go
 Then its time to get in the candles
 The kids are ready for cake and swarming like bees to honey
 Then of course we have to get our pre song family shot
 and of course Mira is being a little goof making faces at all of us with cameras
 Then we started to sing!  Happy Birthday Mira
 She blows her candles... YEAH
 and then she is ready to lick some frosting
 Because isn't that of course the best part of the cake anyway
 Mira decides to keep the bear for herself
 But she is kind enough to share a figure with a few of the friends right around her,
 Everyone enjoyed the yummy cake
 Or at least all of the frosting

 Next we all headed over to the pinata
 Everyone got to take a turn to hit it
 I think we gave them all four shots since Mira is now four.
 We let the littlest kids go first
 Then the Birthday girl
 In the end though none of the kids quite had it in them to get that candy explosion
 I love this look of determination on Holly's face
 In the end I think it was a parent to gave it the final whack

 Here are all of the kids swarming to grab the toys
 Here Holly is putting together a little airplane flyer
 The party was now wrapping up
 But there were a few of us lingering and they decided to go on a little hike
 The kids were ready to hike off in the woods on an adventure of there own
 But we sent the Daddies along to keep them company
They had a fun trip

 At the end there were only a few close families left and we all helped pack up
 Somehow Mira got a hold of a present to open
 This one in fact was from Holly, it was Plex's Keytar
 It looks like a hit.
 I know the party was, the girls had an amazing time.

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Granny said...

What a great place for a party! I love the photo of Mira with the turtle shell. And the photo of her blowing out the candles is classic!