Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last Gymnastics Class

 Here are some pictures from our last Gymnastics class in June.  Holly has really missed seeing Chloe every week to go to class.  I think she has also missed Head Over Heels, but not as much as her friends Alice and Chloe.  We of course still see Chloe at play dates all the time, but the predictability of a class together provided consistency.  I want to sign her up for a new class, But Chloe won't be taking one and I don't want to over extend her.  Right now we are signed up for Swim and Gym as well as a Second Swim Lesson and we just signed up for a Ballet/Tap Class with Mira which Holly is super excited to start.  We can;t do everything all the time, but I think I will take Holly to Open Play at Head Over Heels so she doesn't totally loose all of her tumbling skills and see how she does.

Here is a video of Holly doing her "Big Flip"

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Granny said...

They are clearly having a great time! Holly has a busy schedule: fun, fun, then more fun!